Featured Authors

This is my place to share with you some Old Friend Authors and Some New and Upcoming Talented Authors.   As Old Friends who I feel like I know and thanks to Facebook and LinkedIn and other social sites I now do know  those authors , that I once only read their awesome stories of lives of fictitious but oh so real characters.  Stories are totally awesome when you can read the book and feel like your really there in the whole scenario !    So here, I will share with you Authors, Their real lives, their hopes, their dreams and most importantly their faith and their personal stories , when they are willing to lay it on the line and let you now that , they are indeed every bit has human as you and I , sharing what touches their hearts deeply.  We each walk a walk with the Lord toward holiness and sanctification , and these things need to be shared to encourage each of us in our walk in life.  We are to encourage eachother  as we strive to live a life pleasing to the Lord God and be conformed to  his son, Jesus !

We each have a story to be told, shared , so that others can see that with God’s Grace, we can overcome in Him and encourage others who may sadly have to walk the same trials and surely we need each other, we are the body of believers that makes up the Bride of Christ.   Let us walk on in love and holiness together, shall we ?

Blessings and Much Love



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